i know it has hell of ugly watermarks ans stuff but LOOK AT HIM

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me too me too me too meTOO METOO MEEETOOOO!!

timetoemancipate said: vs by pearl jam :)))


1. W.M.A.
2. Rats.
3. Rearviewmirror.
4. Indifference.
5. Animal.
6. Blood.
7. Go.
9. Leash.
10. Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town.
11. Dissident.
12. Glorified G.

~thank you!

1993 I remember you fondly.

Ah who remembers the disposable cameras?
Memories come and go now…

I’m watching the movie Definitely, Maybe and the song Come As You Are by Nirvana came on and I instantly was back to 1994. I remember coming home from the store and running to my room to listen to my copy of Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy. ¬† I sat on my bed and I took¬† my time opening my precious copy. Yes, it’s cheesy but back then my music was what I lived for. I put it in my CD player and I laid back on my bed to take it in but after a few seconds I had to sit up and just listen…it’s kinda a better experience to take it in sitting up….I guess it doesn’t matter. I just stayed there in my room and I listened to the whole album. Then I played it again.