Memories come and go now…

I’m watching the movie Definitely, Maybe and the song Come As You Are by Nirvana came on and I instantly was back to 1994. I remember coming home from the store and running to my room to listen to my copy of Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy.   I sat on my bed and I took  my time opening my precious copy. Yes, it’s cheesy but back then my music was what I lived for. I put it in my CD player and I laid back on my bed to take it in but after a few seconds I had to sit up and just listen…it’s kinda a better experience to take it in sitting up….I guess it doesn’t matter. I just stayed there in my room and I listened to the whole album. Then I played it again.


The almost ‘Nevermind’ baby - a girl.
"I went to this school where they teach babies to swim and offered $50 to bring their kids to try out and $200 if we picked them as a model. This one girl was like a machine — couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk, but she would just motor around underwater. I have no idea at all who the girl was or where she is now. I’d like to know what happened to that chick." - Kirk Weddle (Photographer) [x]


"I wish I could just hug you all! But I’m not gonna…" 
- Layne Staley